Saturday, 8 October 2011

ZetaClear - Effective against Nail Fungus

ZetaClear is an all-natural anti-fungicide that can be used for nails or toenail fungus treatment. The fungus infects the nails is onychomycosis, accounting for over 50% of nail deformities and problems. Generally consider difficult to treat because it incorporates the nail. For this reason, many treatments of toenail fungus are very toxic.

On the other hand, ZetaClear is made of natural ingredients that are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, yet gentle on the body.

ZetaClear Ingredients:

ZetaClear contains tea tree oil (an excellent anti-fungal/anti-bacterial is able to penetrate well), undecylenic acid (derived from castor oil), which also helps relieve itching and burns, clove oil odor, jojoba oil, citronella oil, lavender oil and vitamin E.

ZetaClear applied twice daily to clean dry nails. The gel-like formulation is easy to apply and does not run or drip. It takes a few minutes to dry, however, and must be completely dry before putting on socks or shoes.

My ZetaClear Experience:

When I developed nail fungus, I wanted to use a natural treatment instead of a prescription from my doctor. I prefer not to use toxic chemicals in the body if you do not have to.

I used ZetaClear for two weeks before begin to notice an improvement in the appearance of nails. I expected this, since it can take three or four weeks for the treatment works. In fact, after four weeks of regular use (twice daily) had made it clear that the fungus. Even I was surprised when I heard their effectiveness was much about the difficulties inherent in treating fungal infections of the nails.

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